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The Lake Groomer | Aquatic Weed Removal & Maintenance Machine.

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Lake Groomer

The rolling action of the Lake Groomers rollers easily dislodges the existing weeds and prevents new weeds from growing. It also aids in stirring up the muck so that they can float away from your shoreline. The Lake Groomers power head is the most powerful on the market. The flexible couplers between the rollers allow them to follow the contour of the bottom of the lake to control large areas of your beach. Place the Lake Groomer wherever you want to get rid of the weeds, muck, and silt along your shore line, swimming area and boat access.

The lake groomer is an innovative aquatic lake weed and muck elimination system that can be used from your lake shore, dock or pier. The Lake Groomer can cover up to an 84’ diameter area but comes standard with 21 feet of roller tubes that cover a 42' diameter area.

Benefits of the Lake Groomer:

  • Effortlessly uproots weeds
  • Prevents future growth
  • Turns soft mucky bottom into a firm beach
  • Helps reduces Zebra Mussels
  • Adjusts from 30 to 280 degrees
  • Maintain up to a 84′ circle from one spot
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Improves home value
  • Made in the USA


Large Coverage Area

The standard model Lake Groomer comes with 21 feet of rollers (3 roller tubes each measuring 7 feet in length). That gives you the ability to maintain and area with a diameter of 42ft. You can add up to 6 roller tubes for a total coverage of up a 82ft diameter area!

Powerful & Effective Automated Shoreline Management

The lake groomers powerful electric motor head is fabricated of rust-resistant aluminum, and the aluminum roller tubes are 8 inches in diameter by 7 feet long. The basic hardware attaches to docks with two inch diameter support legs and adapts to either round or square dock posts. Mounting hardware for larger dock leg posts is available. An optional tripod mounting kit is available, allowing the lake groomer hardware to be self-standing if needed.

Made from the Highest Quality Parts & Components (made in the U.S.A)

Electronic components are encased in weatherproof epoxy. A 70-foot power cord can be plugged into a standard land-based GFI circuit outlet. The entire Lake Groomer apparatus is backed by a three-year warranty. The system utilizes standard 110-volt household current converted to 28-volt AC via the power converted. An eight-amp circuit breaker is included on the 28-volt AC side of the power converter.

The 7’ rollers bolt together with a steel coupler at the anchor point. This can be extended to create a length of 42 feet for a total of an 84ft coverage area. Along the stretch of rollers there are couplers at seven feet intervals to allow for maximum adaptability to the contours of the lake bottom. Additional couplers can be purchased to add maximum flexibility to the groomer.

Smart Technology & Safety Features

The Lake Groomer automatically senses heavy weed and muck conditions. If it runs into an area that is too dense to get through, or comes in contact with your dock support legs the Groomer automatically reverses and then tries six more times to get through. If after these attempts it still gets stuck, the unit automatically powers down. Although this is rare it can happen. In this situation the user would have to manually remove the obstruction. It easily rolls over small rocks and other objects.

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 83 × 14 × 27 in
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